Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Always Come Back

This song is OLD! It's so old that when I sang this in Churches I used an accompaniment track on cassette!! However, I still love it and find such meaning in the lyrics. I can look back and remember specific times in my life when this song was so fitting for what I was going through.

I love this verse:
Funny here I am again
Looking for the answers down on my knees
Shouldn't be so hard to understand,
You're all I want, you're all I need

Especially during the last several weeks this verse has been so true. God is at work in BIG ways. I love it how He is constantly showing me things, growing me, changing me. When I am unsteady, He is strong. When I doubt, He holds the future. When I cry, He wipes my tears. When I run in search of something I do not need, HE COMES RUNNING AFTER ME. I will always come back.

I have nothing and am nothing without God. Nothing.

Every single day God I am amazed by you!!!  Oh, how I love you Lord.

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