Wednesday, August 24, 2011

With Everything

I certainly do not have this life figured out~that's why they call it living by faith. 

I do not understand all of God's ways, but I trust in His will and plan. Even when it hurts and I want Him to stop the sifting.

The prayer of my life is that with everything that I am I will praise the Lord. In good times and bad times, happy and sad, drought or harvest. Times of questions, as well as times of answers. I know I need to work on this, because at some of my weakest moments I really struggle. 

Lord, let no hesitation pass under my feet before I run and leap into your arms. You are majestic, mighty, glorious, loving, and worthy of all my praise.

I could not live one second of my life without you.

Let hope rise, and darkness tremble...
In your Holy light...


With everything...

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