Friday, January 29, 2010

Don't give up on love...


I heard you say you would love for a lifetime
Now you complain a lifetime just doesn't feel right for you
Another casualty of casual love
Another soul out of place, a heart that gave up

Why do we break the promises we make?
Are we living for ourselves?

Don't give up on love and throw it all away
Don't give up on love and let it fall away
When did it become so easy to run from your pain
Don't give up on love and throw it all away

I heard you say you can't change a stubborn heart
I can relate 'cause that's how I feel when I talk with you

Why should it take losing everything
to realize it might be time to change?


Your restless heart won't win 'cause you take but you don't give
And you'll keep moving on until you learn what love is

Don't give up on love and throw it all away
Don't give up on love and let it fall away
Don't give up on love

Friday, January 22, 2010

The week in quick notes...

Wesley needs to have all 3 crowns removed plus another tooth that is infected (it's right next to a crown and they shared germs). Pediatric dentist says crowns were not done right, the medicine was either never put in the tooth or not done correctly. She also said she holds our dentist in highest regards...has gone to many lectures by him and has nothing but praise for him. Of course it was the other dentist in the office that worked on Wesley.

5 sick kids this week...yup that was fun!

Double ear infection in Ethan...poor buddy. =(

I have a cyst in my sinus that is 2.5 cm. For now it will remain where it is as trying to take it out could possibly cause some serious damage. Optical nerves...nerves above teeth causing permanent numbness, really not something I want to risk. Another CT scan in 12 months to check for change. Nasal spray every single day until then~ugh.

Other medical issues ongoing with me that just need prayer~thanks!

One sick mom (thanks boys for sharing your germs), one healthy hubby (hope it stays that way).

Monday, January 18, 2010

So often I forget...

Tonight as I watched the news coverage on the earthquake in Haiti I saw a Doctor that had to explain to a mother how her 5 year old had to have part of her body amputated due to massive injury & infection. As I was holding Caleb the tears just started rolling down my cheeks, because no matter how I try to comprehend what those people are going through I cannot. I cannot even come close to feeling what they are feeling. The hurt, anguish, heartache, sadness, hunger, thirst, and complete devastation of what little they had.

Sure, I have had my share of heartache and physical pain.I have been quite sad at times over circumstances surrounding me. I have had times to feel the little twinge of hunger in my stomach, or thirst for a really cold glass of water. But nothing in my mind can draw upon a comparison to the suffering that is going on in Haiti right now.

God, how come I am so blessed? I lack for absolutely nothing. I have an incredible husband who provides for our family. 5 healthy, beautiful sons. You have given us a beautiful home, transportation to get us here and there. My cupboards are full, my drinking water is clean and my home warm. I am so sorry that so often I fail to see that. Please Lord, be with the people of Haiti. Surround them with love beyond measure. Give them hope when all seems lost. Guide the Doctors, aid workers, soldiers trying to maintain peace. May the world look at Haiti and the first thing that comes to mind is GOD IS THERE AND HE IS AT WORK.

*Video of people on a mission trip before the earthquake*

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Things here are crazy. We've been fighting a fever in Wesley and today it seemed to be under control until this afternoon. I need to go wake him up shortly to give him another round of antibiotic. So far no call from the pediatric dentist to get him in any sooner than next Thursday. That appointment will be for an evaluation, so he will probably still have his teeth in for another week or two. Please continue to pray for him, thanks so much!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today's Journey was NOT Joyful!!

So, here is a true look at the fact that life at our house contains many ups and downs. The joy today was masked by a traumatic event at the dentist office this evening. To explain how we arrived at the place we are at I should probably review the short version of what happened a few months ago.

Wesley went to the dentist and had 2 teeth that needed fillings (right next to each other). These are baby teeth that when the x-ray was taken shows only one of the teeth has an adult tooth under it. So, in order to preserve his teeth the dentist recommended 2 crowns and explained that those could last well into adult-hood. When Wes went in 2 weeks ago for a cleaning the dentist found that those teeth are infected under the crowns. Of course this only happens in like 1% of cases...and it just so happens my poor son is one of those. The only course of action is to pull those teeth out.

We really did not talk about the appointment today. I figured the less discussed the less anxiety. The only thing we did was to pray shortly before Chad and Wes left home. Wesley was extremely restless in the chair. The Dentist did manage to partially loosen the teeth, but did not want to risk injuring Wes. So, now we need to somehow manage to get him into the pediatric dentist we have been referred to with the least amount of kicking and screaming possible.

So, now Wes has to be on an antibiotic for the infection b/c we couldn't get the teeth out tonight. The script was for pills, which my son cannot swallow (hello...did you ask if he knew how to swallow pills??). We tried cutting them in 1/2 but with the bitter taste he couldn't stand them on his tongue. Then I crushed one up and put it applesauce...he still managed to taste it and screamed about the bitter taste, but he did swallow it.

Tomorrow is a new day that will be busy with phone calls, a visit for Caleb to the Doctor's office for diaper rash and an inspection that I need to make it home in time for. The JOY I found today is that life is crazy but God has blessed me with great kids and the most wonderful husband who helps me realize that despite of hardships we're blessed, loved and we make a great team!


to my blog! Yup, I have decided to see how well I can do at this blogging thing. I am an avid reader of a several blogs and have always been amazed at how people can find time to keep up with it. I have no idea how this is going to go~but you're welcome to join me in experiencing the joy I have in the journey of raising 5 beautiful boys and being married to my best friend and love of my life.

Along the way I am sure you'll see other things that are ongoing in our lives as it seems every single day is a learning experience. I'm sure I will share all sorts of things~you may or may not find interesting or thought provoking. =)