Friday, January 22, 2010

The week in quick notes...

Wesley needs to have all 3 crowns removed plus another tooth that is infected (it's right next to a crown and they shared germs). Pediatric dentist says crowns were not done right, the medicine was either never put in the tooth or not done correctly. She also said she holds our dentist in highest regards...has gone to many lectures by him and has nothing but praise for him. Of course it was the other dentist in the office that worked on Wesley.

5 sick kids this week...yup that was fun!

Double ear infection in Ethan...poor buddy. =(

I have a cyst in my sinus that is 2.5 cm. For now it will remain where it is as trying to take it out could possibly cause some serious damage. Optical nerves...nerves above teeth causing permanent numbness, really not something I want to risk. Another CT scan in 12 months to check for change. Nasal spray every single day until then~ugh.

Other medical issues ongoing with me that just need prayer~thanks!

One sick mom (thanks boys for sharing your germs), one healthy hubby (hope it stays that way).

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