Monday, January 18, 2010

So often I forget...

Tonight as I watched the news coverage on the earthquake in Haiti I saw a Doctor that had to explain to a mother how her 5 year old had to have part of her body amputated due to massive injury & infection. As I was holding Caleb the tears just started rolling down my cheeks, because no matter how I try to comprehend what those people are going through I cannot. I cannot even come close to feeling what they are feeling. The hurt, anguish, heartache, sadness, hunger, thirst, and complete devastation of what little they had.

Sure, I have had my share of heartache and physical pain.I have been quite sad at times over circumstances surrounding me. I have had times to feel the little twinge of hunger in my stomach, or thirst for a really cold glass of water. But nothing in my mind can draw upon a comparison to the suffering that is going on in Haiti right now.

God, how come I am so blessed? I lack for absolutely nothing. I have an incredible husband who provides for our family. 5 healthy, beautiful sons. You have given us a beautiful home, transportation to get us here and there. My cupboards are full, my drinking water is clean and my home warm. I am so sorry that so often I fail to see that. Please Lord, be with the people of Haiti. Surround them with love beyond measure. Give them hope when all seems lost. Guide the Doctors, aid workers, soldiers trying to maintain peace. May the world look at Haiti and the first thing that comes to mind is GOD IS THERE AND HE IS AT WORK.

*Video of people on a mission trip before the earthquake*

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