Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What if?

It's easier most days to find things to complain about, or ask "why". It's easy to find things that are wrong with the world, or not going the way you want them to go in your own life. It's easy to see the glass as half empty, instead of overflowing.

But what if we were to....

Pause. Give Thanks. First.

Even if the only thing you have to be thankful for today, is in fact that Almighty God gave you another day of life then just be thankful for that. Take a deep breath in, feel that air in your lungs?  It's called life, and God has given you another day of it.  I'll bet though that once you start thinking of things to be thankful for, your list will grow quite quickly.

The hum of the furnace running~thank God for heat.
The whir of the washer going round and round for the 6th load that day~thankful for clothes.
The daughter following me around the house yelling "MOMMY"~thankful for God's gift of children.
Sink full of suds~thankful for dishes~which reminds me to be thankful for cupboards FULL of food.

Often times we do not give thanks for even the smallest of gifts. Reflection is a beautiful thing. It makes our ungrateful and shallow beings find that we too often do not live with a spirit of thankfulness. I know I am guilty of this. I need to be more intentional to live a life with a heart full of gratitude for what the Lord has given because even in the midst of days where I just can't find it.........