Thursday, May 5, 2011

For Whatever It's Worth

You think you know me, but do you?

Just because I do not have a job that I get in a car and drive to does not mean that I do not work.

I realize that in certain people's eyes I am not worth much. I have made no significant impact upon the outside world. The only title I have is 'Mom' and the only payment I receive is the occasional quarter that is found in my washing machine. =) 

Do you know what if feels like when you hear "well, she can do (fill in the blank) all day because she just stays at home. Or how you go on and on about how important your position is, your 'title' and that your company/boss just would never make it without the contribution that you make on a daily basis. Yet, here I am waiting for someone to ask me how I am but that never occurs in the conversation because "well, you are just a stay at home mom".

Do you know what it sounds like when you say to me "well, you must be rich because you don't work" or "you must have so much money, you send your kids to private school".  Let me just be perfectly clear here....we're not rich (financially) by any stretch of the imagination.  We feel the 'pinch' of life every single day. Being a very large family we have to make many, many sacrifices. We try our best with what God has blessed us with and trust Him to provide for us in all areas of our lives. We however are 'rich' in many other ways!!

I am a pretty sensitive person, whether that is fortunate or unfortunate I am unsure. I just really dislike it when people pass judgement on others without even knowing what the other one is going through.  Until you have walked a single step in my shoes, please do not think you know me or what my life is like.

Quite honestly I think if we all took a little more time to get outside of our own little world or try to see what another person's life is really like, I think we'd all be surprised at what we'd find out.

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Sonshine said...


I don't think I could have said this any better myself!

I have some of the kinds of things said to me as well not just from friends but extended family.