Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Break

A few pictures from our camping trip to Ludington State Park....slide show with the rest of the pictures is in the works.  We had a really, really good time. Weather could have been better, but it could have also been worse. I stayed up 3 nights in a row until midnight or later (one night it was 1:30am) hanging out with friends around the campfire.  If you know anything about me at all you know that I am not a late night person. I think everyone was impressed I wasn't in bed at 10:00!  ;-)  I can't believe the camping season is done for the year, glad it ended on a good note unlike a few of our other trips this past Summer.

Cold enough for sleet

Bundled up on our walk

Caleb LOVED the leaves!!

Out for a hike

So much fun with friends

Great times!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Turning 36

I came home this morning to find a very sweet birthday card
and this necklace tucked in my front door.
 I have been blessed with some very
incredible friends!!

Chad got me my favorite cake...mmmm  lemon filling!!

....and pretty flowers

The best way to spend my birthday...with my 5 boys
 and an incredible hubby.I am so, so blessed.
 Sometimes it's almost too much to comprehend,
 so I will just give all the praise to the ONE who deserves it.
Thank you God for the multitudes upon multitudes
 of blessings you heap upon me
 every single day.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

What A Beautiful Weekend!

We started the weekend off with great friends. Pizza & a campfire with good conversation and the kids all having an absolute blast together.

Saturday we spent the afternoon at Klackle Orchard's in Greenville.  I had the camera but forgot to take the SD card out of my computer and put it back in the camera. Oops! We all had a really good time and are enjoying lots of yummy apples that we got to pick.

Sunday we had an awesome outdoor service at Church. The boys spent the afternoon playing outside, Chad watched the Lions finally win a game and I went for a 10 mile run!!! We even were able to eat dinner outside on the deck one last time.

At least I still was able to smile after my 10 mile run...although I
may not be able to get up out of bed tomorrow!!

Daddy and Caleb having fun w/the hose

Who would have thought on October 10 we'd be playing in the pool!!

One last time for dinner on the deck....

Friday, October 8, 2010

God Speaking

I do not believe in coincidences. I believe that if God needs you to hear something He is going to make sure you hear it. So, when I heard this song twice on the radio today and then one of my friends posted it on his facebook page tonight I knew God was trying to get my attention.

I am not alone (even when I feel like I am). I am not unloved (even though by some I am). I am not unimportant, or uncared for. Even if I am those things to people that I thought were suppose to love and care about me, I am not forgotten by my Saviour. Because of that I can have hope. Because of that I can have peace.

You're Not Alone~Downhere

You feel the isolation, slowly take a toll
This season of waiting, is starting to get old
Looking for acceptance, and aching for a home
So tired of trying to make it out on your own

There's no easy answer, but one thing you should know
You're not alone, anywhere you go
You're not alone, hear the voice whisper to your soul
A promise you can always hold:
You're not alone, no

You're stuck in a dive and you've almost had enough
Because of what you've been through, it's difficult to trust
You're still barely hanging on, trying hard to fight
If anybody's listening, you want to know tonight
There's no easy answer, but one thing you should know

You're not alone, anywhere you go
You're not alone, hear the voice whisper to your soul
A promise you can always hold:
You're not alone, no

You're not alone
You're not alone

Reach out, don't reach within
I'm at the door, if you just let me in
Reach out for what you need
What you won't find in yourself, you will find in me

You're not alone, hear the voice whisper to your soul
I'll never leave or let you go

You're not alone, I'm with you to the end
You're not alone, I'm closer than a friend
You're not alone, and I'm with you to the end
You're not alone, closer than a friend

You're not alone

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh The Art...

WOW!  What amazing talent we saw tonight. We only caught a small glimpse of the many, many projects that were displayed around Grand Rapids.

I am in awe of how so many people can display art in amazing, unique and mysterious ways. I cannot imagine the time that has to go into some of these art pieces. The thought process alone must be HUGE!  I wish we would have had more time as we did not get to see some of the exhibits we really wanted to. We all enjoyed walking around downtown, the boys loved the fountain at the Ford Museum almost as much as seeing the art!

We LOVED it and I'm sure it will be the talk around the house for the next several days!

The GIANT penny....made out of


Wesley calls this the "hand of God" (sorry can't remember the actual name)
 He says it looks like God's hand and when we're standing in the middle God is holding us up.

This was made out of 250,000 + beads~amazing!!!

How about this for a greeting card??!!

The fountain outside of the Gerald R Ford Museum
The boys thought this was AWESOME!

Watching the water