Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh The Art...

WOW!  What amazing talent we saw tonight. We only caught a small glimpse of the many, many projects that were displayed around Grand Rapids.

I am in awe of how so many people can display art in amazing, unique and mysterious ways. I cannot imagine the time that has to go into some of these art pieces. The thought process alone must be HUGE!  I wish we would have had more time as we did not get to see some of the exhibits we really wanted to. We all enjoyed walking around downtown, the boys loved the fountain at the Ford Museum almost as much as seeing the art!

We LOVED it and I'm sure it will be the talk around the house for the next several days!

The GIANT penny....made out of


Wesley calls this the "hand of God" (sorry can't remember the actual name)
 He says it looks like God's hand and when we're standing in the middle God is holding us up.

This was made out of 250,000 + beads~amazing!!!

How about this for a greeting card??!!

The fountain outside of the Gerald R Ford Museum
The boys thought this was AWESOME!

Watching the water

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