Wednesday, April 20, 2016


9 weeks after my first Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (don't worry....I can't say it either), I had a second follow-up procedure done today.  I was thankful that I knew what to expect so I was a lot less nervous about the ordeal.  Still~~going under deep sedation always poses a risk (which is why they have you sign on the "sign your life away paper") before they put you under. =)

My last scope showed significant GERD with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (fancy term for having white blood cells in your esophagus, which are not supposed to be there). The picture my Doctor showed me last time was a very ugly throat.  Lots of rings and striations. The EE was probably the most concerning part because on one hand it can be related to GERD, but usually only if the biopsy shows a white blood cell count of less than 15, mine was greater than 30. Then you're talking autoimmune stuff, that really becomes hard to pinpoint. In fact, as of now EE is a highly misunderstood disease. The protocol was to treat me with prilosec for 8 weeks and then scope again to see how things looked.

These past 9 weeks have contained all sorts of fun.  I think I have had almost every side effect from the prilosec that you can have.  The worst thing may have quite possibly been the stinking brain pounding~can't think straight headaches.  The 13 day long one was nothing but a JOY. And of course with GERD you cannot (should not) take the Tylenol "sugar pill" that I could take was absolutely pointless.  I think it just made it worse! Another side effect of taking an H2 blocker is a greater risk of food poisoning. I laughed out loud this morning when my Dr wrote that on the board......seeing as that is what I had last week. When your stomach does not produce acid, there is nothing to help clear out the "bad guys" before they take root and explode in your gut.  OH FUN!!!!

Really, I was not sure what we would find today. I was hopeful that the medicine gave my body time to heal, and that enduring a slew of side effects made a difference, where we needed to see improvement.

My report today:  MUCH IMPROVED WITH NO RINGS OR INFLAMMATION!!!! THANK YOU, LORD!!!! I will not get the results of the latest biopsy for another week or so. I am praying that my EE was solely related to the GERD.

Unfortunately, I still have to remain on an acid reducing medicine for the next year.  I do get to "down-grade" to a little less potent pill. So, now my tummy will make a tiny bit of acid.  =)  Thank God for the little things~right?!

I know that many are going through things way bigger then my tiny little issue. I think this has made me appreciate so much more the days when I feel excellent, but also reflect on those days that I don't feel good~~that many others have hard days too. And just like me, those people have a life that must go on, and things that must get done, and smiles that must be worn.

We persevere, because we have a great and loving God who we can take anything to...because HE already knows!!