Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today's Journey was NOT Joyful!!

So, here is a true look at the fact that life at our house contains many ups and downs. The joy today was masked by a traumatic event at the dentist office this evening. To explain how we arrived at the place we are at I should probably review the short version of what happened a few months ago.

Wesley went to the dentist and had 2 teeth that needed fillings (right next to each other). These are baby teeth that when the x-ray was taken shows only one of the teeth has an adult tooth under it. So, in order to preserve his teeth the dentist recommended 2 crowns and explained that those could last well into adult-hood. When Wes went in 2 weeks ago for a cleaning the dentist found that those teeth are infected under the crowns. Of course this only happens in like 1% of cases...and it just so happens my poor son is one of those. The only course of action is to pull those teeth out.

We really did not talk about the appointment today. I figured the less discussed the less anxiety. The only thing we did was to pray shortly before Chad and Wes left home. Wesley was extremely restless in the chair. The Dentist did manage to partially loosen the teeth, but did not want to risk injuring Wes. So, now we need to somehow manage to get him into the pediatric dentist we have been referred to with the least amount of kicking and screaming possible.

So, now Wes has to be on an antibiotic for the infection b/c we couldn't get the teeth out tonight. The script was for pills, which my son cannot swallow (hello...did you ask if he knew how to swallow pills??). We tried cutting them in 1/2 but with the bitter taste he couldn't stand them on his tongue. Then I crushed one up and put it applesauce...he still managed to taste it and screamed about the bitter taste, but he did swallow it.

Tomorrow is a new day that will be busy with phone calls, a visit for Caleb to the Doctor's office for diaper rash and an inspection that I need to make it home in time for. The JOY I found today is that life is crazy but God has blessed me with great kids and the most wonderful husband who helps me realize that despite of hardships we're blessed, loved and we make a great team!

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