Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thank You Lord

I had a blog post all written out about blessings and thankfulness but felt instead like I should just post this song because really it is how I am feeling tonight.

Lord, I am so abundantly blessed. I am so sorry when I feel like I deserve something more, or forget to give you the praise for what I have in this life.  Everything I have comes from you


How could I ever ask for more?  Thank you Jesus!


Lynae S said...

I listened to this this morning after a particularly challenging day yesterday. It brought me to tears and was a great reminder of ALL that God has done. So thankful for starting my day off this way.

Jenni Walters said...

Thank you Lynae for sharing that. I have so many of those days too and need to remind myself often of everything that God has given, and taken away. It is an act of choosing to be thankful many times over what I 'should' feel.

I miss you and really would love to get together with you sometime!