Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good Gifts

Summer 2012
Christian Reformed Conference Grounds
I am so, so thankful for these 5 beautiful, precious, amazing blessings from God.  I have been so convicted the past several days on how good God has been to our family. We have 5 healthy boys.  They can walk on their own, think for themselves, express all sorts of emotions.  Each one of them so incredibly unique in the way they were knit together.  God is a giver of such good things.
Lord, you chose me to be a Mom to these 5 boys, to keep for a little while on earth. Help me Lord each day to recognize the impact I make upon their lives for eternity. Help me to watch my words, to extend grace, to have patience, to show JOY. I love these not so little guys so very much!!!

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Anonymous said...

I feel for your pain, I feel for your story of losses.

But this post is full of contradictions. I really feel you need to see a counselor, church pastor/priest, or therapist to fully dissect your need for a baby that might not be in God's plan.

Seeing a doctor who will tell you the same thing as other doctors on how your body can not handle another pregnancy will only make you upset.

If you want only hearts and butterflies comments than you should not have a public blog. Make a private blog. Make it so people can't comment. Make it so only people that will only say positive happy things can comment.

It appears you crave negative/positive attention at any expense.

Maybe use your resources and money being spent on adopting a baby that needs a family?

Or read this article?