Monday, December 5, 2011

My Prayer Today

I had to laugh the other day as I was listening to my favorite radio station. The DJ was talking about how all these blogs she reads are always showing only the positive~warm fuzzy side of life of the author and how that just wasn't her life at all.  I chuckled because I'm afraid I've become one of 'them'.  I'll sit down to write something that is on my heart to share and end up deleting it because it exposes what goes on inside of me sometimes.  Honestly, I would much rather post a blog entry that encourages someone~but life just doesn't always work that way because sometimes life is just discouraging. Sometimes you just have a really bad day, or like today a really difficult afternoon.

So, here is a non-fuzzy post~sorry if it offends anyone that it's not a wrap yourself up in a cozy warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and be encouraged post. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm just completely all alone. People are selfish (yes, I will lump myself into that category~I'm not perfect by any means). They say they care, but they don't. They say they are praying, but they really aren't. They forget about you...even when they are supposed to remember. So, this is what I cried out to God today, because God is indeed the God of my hope, my need. He will never change. I have to believe that. I simply must believe.

God of my hope, God of my need
God of my pain that no one else will ever see.
God of my healing, God of my strength.
God who is always and will forever reign,
God of my everything.

God of my everything.

And when the mountains shake, you are my God. You never change.
And when the earth gives way, you are still God. You never change.

1 comment:

Sonshine said...

Totally understand!

Some days it is even hard to remember that God is there and my everything.

Thank you for the reminder. :)