Monday, December 27, 2010

1,000 miles

These shoes traveled almost 1,000 miles on runs I took over the past year. (For anyone that's a runner reading this, yes I know I'm supposed to replace shoes every 500 miles. They cost so much!!) That is a crazy amount of pavement, gravel, grass, snow, ice, and puddles that my feet have traversed.

It is also a lot of time that I have been able to spend praying, worshipping and listening to God. Running for me is so much more than the exercise. That is really just a bonus to why I love to run (because then I can have that bowl of ice cream and not feel overly guilty!!)  When I head out the door, it's just the road, God, my music and me.  

I would have to say that over this past year one of my favorite songs to listen to while running was Our God by Chris Tomlin. I normally don't sing out loud when running, but I am quite sure on several occasions you could hear me singing this one.

For Christmas I got his new CD with this version and I LOVE it.


Heidi said...

They still are in great shape, maybe another 1,000 miles!;)
Amazing to think you ran 1,000 miles. That is almost like going to Florida :-0

Jen said...

They were still in good shape on the outside, but the inside had no more support left. They've been replaced and now it's on to logging the next 1,000 miles. =)