Thursday, December 15, 2011

While The Cookie Dough Chills...

I just made a batch of cookie dough for my snicker surprise cookies (a mini snickers baked inside cookie dough) yummy!!! Those are going to tip my scale in the wrong direction because I'm pretty sure I'll have to sample a dozen  few!!

The best part of the cookie is what is in the middle!!!  It gets all soft and gooey when baked.  It has to undergo the heat of the oven to melt the inside.

Oh how often I feel like that cookie!!!  I am baking in the heat, God melting me on the inside. Changing and growing all the time.

I would much rather be the cookie baking in the oven, then the dough just sitting in the bowl in the refrigerator!!

1 comment:

Sonshine said...

what great insight. never really thought about those cookies that way! :)

BTW, you can send some of those cookies over here. :) We love those! :)