Thursday, April 26, 2012

These Days

Lots going on these days in our 'little' family.  Many of us are fighting some sort of Spring 'bug'.  Last week hubby had it and then shared it with me. This week it is strep throat. You just do not know how excited I am to see how many of us get this highly contagious germ. I've been making sure we're taking our vitamins and trying to get to bed on time. Maybe that will help the rest of us to get/stay healthy!

Last week Ethan went on a band field trip and on the way home while stopping for lunch, tripped and hit his head on a curb. So, we nursed a goose egg Friday afternoon and are very thankful it was nothing more than that!

And then there is our sweet little Jackson,  who had us (okay...mommy mostly) worried that his slow growth rate has become an even greater concern.  After plotting his recent well-child measurements from our Family Doctor, JJ's endocrinologist at Devos Children's Hospital was concerned enough to order another bone age growth report. (Simply an x-ray of his left hand & wrist.) Isn't amazing they can determine rate of growth from that?! It seems as if he is still following his same pattern and lags behind more like a 4 1/2 - 5 year old measurement for bone growth.  So, I don't have to specifically call in another height/weight plot until the Fall.  I am very grateful for a Physician who is right on top of things with our child. We love JJ exactly the way God has created him...sweet, sensitive, hilarious, kind and loving, wrapped up in a cute, small package. But, we also want to make sure that we address any concerns!
JJ's present from his
Birthday back in February

Nine years after building our house we are finally finishing the last room. Ethan and Lucas will share this bedroom and they cannot wait for Dad and Grandpa to get things done so they can move in!

Bedroom # 4 in the works...

We're awaiting the warmth that we had back in March to return....or maybe at least a little less wind.  The wind is very, very cold and while we love being outside we would really like to not have to worry about a windchill anymore this Spring!! However, the upside of this is that the inside project actually is getting worked on!! 

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