Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Year Ago

I have had a complaining spirit lately, and even though I know I should be focused on the dozens hundreds of things I have to be joyful about and thankful for, I keep complaining about.....the ugly, cold, bitter, windy, miserable, freezing, snowy March weather pattern we're stuck in. Of course it doesn't help that all 3 of the local news stations can't quit reminding all of us what the weather was like a year ago. Every day, every newscast, they just keep bringing it up!!! Newsflash....last year was in no way normal (although it was enjoyed by me immensely until I had to pay for it literally at the grocery store last Fall). Really, you can stop reminding us all....and making us feel bad! (Okay, maybe just making me feel bad.)

I have to suck it up and face the music....we're stuck in a cold pattern. It's Michigan~hello??!! If I remember correctly this is not that out of the norm for our squirrely weather patterns.

Last year on this day we were enjoying this:

Dinner this year would have been a little cold out on the snow covered deck, not to mention the patio furniture is still tucked away in the shed.

Spring will show up eventually and when it does I do not think I will be seeing the inside of my house a whole lot!  So I guess I better continue to get my indoor projects done so once the nice weather comes I can head out to get my hands dirty in the landscape!  We are SO ready for it, but will continue to wait with the rest of the Michiganders who wonder if it will ever happen.

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