Thursday, March 7, 2013

Seriously....I Have Got To Change.....

Okay, I do not know what it is but I have gained a little too much baggage these past few months. That silly scale just keeps inching upward. I seriously thought something had to be really wrong with the thing, even Chad mentioned how wrong it must be.  So, I got out the 'ole 5lb bag of flour and put it on it last night., it is weighing exactly right!!??!!  How can that be, because I SWEAR the number I keep seeing flash in that lovely red color IS NOT really what I it??

I know that my metabolism or something (hormones) has changed. I am cold all the time. Extremely tired (afternoon is really bad), and the goodness!  I even had my Doctor run blood work to check for a nutrient deficiency and a thyroid level.  Of course, everything came back normal. I've been logging my fitness routines and what I eat at this nifty little site called myfitnesspal. I could only help but chuckle a little then today, when I actually had the T.V. turned to the Dr. Oz show and caught some some very interesting information, that just may have a little, a BIG reason behind my battle. Yes, I do not believe in coincidences...not even when it comes to an episode of Dr. Oz! =)

Now, while I believe that what I learned on the Dr. Oz show definitely has something to do with my struggle I also know input versus output is crucial. How many calories am I taking in, versus how many am I putting out? DUH! I know this, and yet I LOVE my kitchen cupboards too much lately.

So, while I think I need to address the hormone issue, I also need to enact some 'rules for Jenni to live by'. I know I'm on the verge of the next decade of my life, but I also know that the scale has been the same weight since I can remember (except of course when I was pregnant).  I also see that if I do not take a serious hold of this issue now, I could be in a heap of trouble down the road. I'd much rather work off the little I want to now, then the LOTS later.

So, these are going inside my head:

~Choose wisely, really look at the calorie count and ask is this something I will regret in the not so distant future. (Like 5 minutes after I swallow it!) I have been really good at making impulse choices at times, instead of stopping to think about it. Some of the time I do great, then I just throw all those moments away....and regret it later.

~Know my weak times....afternoon is AWFUL. I get SO CRAZY HUNGRY.  And, let me just say I do not crave carrots, lettuce or the afternoon when my raging hunger monster appears.  Really what I want is chocolate, chips, cookies, did I mention chocolate and chips?! ;-)  That is time time I need to train my body to crave a piece of fruit or yogurt. Even if it is a piece of paper plastered on the pantry door that says 'YOU HAVE THE CHOICE' remind me that a moment on the lips usually sticks like glue to my hips!!

~STOP taking a piece, or several two off of the kiddos plates while preparing their lunch. I don't even pay attention to how many times I've done this. I probably could have a whole meal counted for by the time I am ready to make my own lunch. Although this is not an every meal occurrence it definitely happens more often than not.

~Set reachable goals! While I'd love to get rid of 10 pounds (and I believe I can) I need to set smaller goals. 5 pounds is a much more attainable number to reach in the short term, and that will set the fire for the other 5 to be shed!! I am stubborn. I know what the scale has shown me for years, and I know I can see that number again. Not skinny, just healthy and feeling good about an 'average' number.

~Exercise each and every day. I bought a stepper, I have a couple of workout DVDs and I LOVE to run!!! I really do enjoy exercising. It's good for as much my body, as my soul! I need to make time each day to do something!

~Drink more H2O....The other day on a local Noon news they interviewed a trainer about the amount of water we should consume each day.  Get this....for a woman it's 72 ounces!!! Add in more if you consistently exercise.  THAT friends is waaaay more water than I drink probably in 3 or 4 days. I usually have coffee in the morning, which yes has some water but also acts a a diuretic. Then maybe another 8-10 oz. the rest of the day.

~Realize that every day I make choices that can have a positive reflection or a negative outcome. I can be burdened by my failures or be proud of my successes. I can do this! But I also know that if I have a bad day....tomorrow is a new one! (I just cannot have too many of those.) that I've gone 'public' on my blog, I guess I have people that will be watching and waiting to see if I can hold to my goals. This is one time in my life where my stubbornness just might be a good thing!!


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