Monday, January 24, 2011

Single Digit Sunday Run

It was in the single digits (the coldest I've ever run in) yesterday when I headed out for my run, so I decided to bundle up in mittens I don't normally wear. (I am a glove person when running.) I am sure I looked like a dork but hey at least my fingers were nice and toasty.  It was absolutely beautiful outside. The sun shining on God's glorious frozen creation.  I just took my time on the ice and snow packed roads and soaked it all in.

My other favorite fashion accessory this Winter has been my yaktrax.  These things are amazing and allow me the ability to get outside for my runs rather than the treadmill. I am thankful that if absolutely necessary I can get on my treadmill for a run, but I would rather head outside any day in almost any kind of weather.

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