Thursday, January 10, 2013

Good Riddance

After two long years of various 'issues' (and an even longer story to explain how I got to where I am at) I finally found out my gallbladder is only functioning at 3%.   Yes, it's basically not functioning.  So, tomorrow at 1pm I am having laparoscopic surgery to remove it!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Although I know that many people have had problems after having it removed, I have no risk to feel any worse than I have been feeling.  It's gotten progressively worse over time and I am very thankful to finally have found some answers. I have prayed for a very long time for something, anything to be revealed to explain what has been going on, and I am very thankful that God has answered that prayer!

Please pray for the surgeon and all involved tomorrow. I know that thousands of these surgeries are done every year but I still would be appreciate being covered in prayer!  That God guides the hands of the surgeon. That he does not experience any problems with repairing my hernia (necessary to do the gallbladder surgery) and that all aspects of my recovery will go well. 

Thank you very much!!!

I have also been dealing with an extremely stubborn case of thrush (in case you don't know what that is, it is a yeast infection in my mouth). I am on my second round of medicine and it seems it is slow to work. I have had a sore mouth/tongue/throat for weeks and at times it can be quite discouraging. Would LOVE prayer over this too!! 

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Nancy and Phil said...

Already have the surgery prayer time in the calendar. Will be praying over the thrush!