Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Saying Goodbye

My Grandpa, a World War II Veteran, has lived 93 years on this Earth and is getting ready to finally head Home. He suffered a major stroke this past Sunday and is now under hospice care.

I got to go see him tonight, sleeping peacefully, waiting for that time between his last breath on earth and his first one in Glory. Today has been a day for me, full of wonderful memories of my Grandfather (and my Grandmother who has been with Jesus for 6 years).

He was such a wonderful, Godly man. He also had a great sense of humor! He would be driving down the road and just honk at someone and wave like he knew them....just to get us to laugh. Or he'd honk at no one and just say "oh, that's my friend....didn't you see him??" I can still hear my Grandma laugh and then tell him to knock it off.

I will remember endless hours of card playing, riding along with him on the lawn mower, many years of incredible camping memories. Reading the Bible and his prayers. His hugs. Laughing at the jokes I would read to him out of my joke book....over and over and over. Watching him in his basement working on watches (he was a watch repairman). Never getting tired of my endless questions.

After his injury in the war he was unable to bend his leg, and then later on in life he had to have that leg amputated. I know the first thing he is going to do once he gets to Heaven is RUN into the arms of Jesus.

This song has been in my head all day today. I love the lyrics that say:

Do you want to go riding with me? To a place that lasts forevermore.
Please don't think that you are one among the few,
I'm different just like you
Where I am going there will be no alibis
No might-have-beens or sad goodbyes
Where I am going
And all the questions still unanswered in my mind
Lord, I'll leave 'em all behind
I'll only find the answers
I'll only keep on going (Keep on going) Where I'm going
(Where I am going) There will be no compromise.
No tears will come to cloud my eyes.
Where I am going, and all the precious love I've had to sacrifice
Will be given to me twice Because He paid the price
And it's worth it all just knowing
Where I am going...

Love you Grandpa....

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