Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hard Day

Today was absolutely awful. I was so, so sad.  Overwhelmed with grief. Every time I turned around this morning I couldn't stop crying.  Adding insult to injury I am having some issues with recovery not going as well as it should. 

I tell you for as strong as I am in my faith and I KNOW God has this all under control...Satan is fighting me every single step.  Guess he just does not get it~he will not win. 

Back in January I posted this song and said singing Hallelujah is a choice. No matter what Lord, I can and I will sing Hallelujah.  I want to run down the road with my arms raised to Jesus singing the words "and though it seems hard, I'm still trusting you Lord".  Thank you Lord for your grace, pouring over me in the middle of my grief. I love you more than anything in life!

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