Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Turning 30 Something...

Look how God painted the sky for me on my Birthday!

Blowing out my Birthday candle.
No wish this year.

My present from Chad...now if I actually get
to use them is another issue. I think
my running days may be over.

Even though Lucas got sick and couldn't
share in any of the Birthday celebration, he
still wanted a picture with the Birthday girl.

I was blessed with the love of family and friends today.
A reminder of the precious things God has given me.
My life is not without struggles, more so this past
year of my life than ever before. But I look to
the coming year with hope.
 Turning 37 is a good thing!
 Each day God gives to me is a gift that I do not want to waste.

Oh Lord, help me to live each day joy-filled.
To learn from my mistakes and imperfections.
To know that I have a purpose and my life has a plan,
even when at times I feel like it's all falling apart.

I pray my life glorifies you and that my precious children
will see just how much their Momma loves you.

I want to SHINE for you!!!

I don't know what the future holds~but I know who holds the future!

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