Monday, June 21, 2010

The vacation that was not a vacation...

So, after being so excited for our 1st camping trip of the season we were all never so happy to be home. The weather was cool and rainy at times.  We easily could have been in jeans most days but instead opted for shorts w/sweatshirts...after all it is Summer!  If that was the only down side to our week away we could have dealt just fine with that!  However, on day 5 of our trip we left Platte River to head up to the Soo.  We stopped for gas and a bite to eat at Wendy's...BIG mistake.  Let's just say food poisoning in a 26 foot 'tin can' (our name for our trailer) was about the worst thing that could happen hours from home.  I will spare all the terrible details.

We did manage to take pictures of some happy memories that took place on a few of the days.

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