Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Do you sense a reoccurring theme here? From Marvelous Monday to now a Wonderful Wednesday. Maybe tomorrow could be a terrific Thursday and then fantastic Friday!! Really, I'm just too tired to come up with a clever title! No matter what the day may bring, even if it's a tough day there is always something to be thankful for.  There is always something to give God praise for.

Another beautiful sky God painted this morning!

I love it that I got to begin today looking out at this!

This afternoon was well, let's just say intense! I had to pick up the 3 big boys from school with the 2 little ones in tow so we could head out to the Orthopedic Doctor for Lucas and his broken finger.  Thankfully I packed along a bag of stuff to do to keep the boys entertained while I filled out all sorts of fun paperwork and then proceeded to wait another 40 minutes for the Doctor to enter the exam room. 

Lucas has a break that went all the way through the bone. It's a clean break so no pins will be needed (Praise God). He now has a soft cast on and is not able to do anything remotely active. No ramming around, no gym at school, so basically nothing fun for the next few weeks. The Doctor was in and out of the room so fast I completely forgot to ask him how long this is going to take to heal.  We have another appointment next week. X-rays will be taken to check the healing process.

We are praying for rapid healing and for Lucas to deal as good as he can with the pain and the frustrations he is having with his finger. He cannot get his hand through his coat sleeve as well as many of his shirts. Also praying for some good friends to help him out with things at school (like tying shoes, opening packages at lunchtime). Thankfully he can still write as the broken finger is on his left he can't get out of schoolwork! =)

He still has that sweet Lucas smile!!


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