Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I have been way to frazzled to blog the past few weeks.  We have had problem after problem after problem with our mini-van.  We've put hundreds of dollars into it only to have another small issue with a transmission on the fritz.

So we had to decide, put money into it to drive it until tomorrow when another problem pops up, or count our losses and move on.....that is a very hard decision to make. A) We were perfectly happy driving the old thing (seriously....I LOVE my van). B) We now will no longer get anything out of it to put towards another vehicle. C) Not that there is ever a good time to have something like this happen, but right now this was NOT a good time. 

Chad and I had made plans for our 15th anniversary to get away for a few days. We booked the cabin we stayed at for our 10th.  That is actually the last time we have been away overnight, so we were both looking forward to this little tiny vacation with just the two of us.  Not that we do not enjoy all the time we spend with our 5 kiddos, but we both know it's very important for us to connect, refresh, and grow our marriage relationship outside of the title of 'parents'.  We do not get to do this very often, dinner out a handful of times each year and that is about it. I could have had my bags packed a month ago already~~I was so excited!!

We have had to  cancel this time away due to our unforeseen vehicle issue and are beyond disappointed and sad. We will only get our refund returned if the cabin gets rented out for dates we had booked, so we are trusting that will happen.

I will stop there before I let my soul explode with how I am really feeling....frazzled faith....



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