Sunday, January 18, 2015


Where did it go? This past year, 12 months; 52 weeks; 365 days. How can I blink and be here? I inhaled and upon exhaling an entire year came and went.

One look at the number of blog posts I made in 2014 compared to other years you can tell this past year must have been quite something!  Indeed it was. Life with a little princess who somehow managed to steal the hearts of every single person living under this roof!

You know that saying "sugar and spice make everything nice"....Ellery is a little heavy on the spice!! ;-)  Her brothers and daddy would probably disagree with me and say she's 98% sugar!!  She has been an absolute JOY and really so much fun. She has also been a BIG challenge and at times to say she is high maintenance is quite the understatement.  She is child number six, but many times has left me feeling like she is my first. A year later and quite frankly I still don't have her figured out!! =)  I absolutely LOVE being her mommy ~ I am grateful to God for giving me a daughter. Twelve months later it still is weird at times to say that word, see pink in her closet and try to figure out just how those outfits with tights and fancy diaper cover things go!!  =)

Just as a diamond is formed under very high heat and extreme pressure, so sometimes are the Lord's most beautiful answers to the heart cries of His children. Each one of us in our family know that when we see Ellery, touch her, hug her,snuggle her we are holding a tangible and most beautiful gift. All life is so very precious and such a miracle, but when you endure the loss of a baby and then another, and then another you tend to love more than you thought possible the ones that the Lord lets you meet this side of eternity. That may seem a little over the edge for some people to understand, but I see it within the walls of my home every single day.  Indeed it is a beautiful picture that if we can love someone that much, oh how much more does our Heavenly Father love us?!!

Thank you for celebrating the beautiful moments along the way this year with our little princess.

Happy Birthday Sweet Ellery

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