Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Thoughts

Oh the joys of having a big family that loves to share their germs. The week leading up to Christmas we had everything from 103 degree fevers to barf, to hacking coughs and noses that ran like leaky faucets. None of us were spared from this round and it really bummed us out. We have missed Christmas parties, didn't get to bake any Christmas cookies, go look at Christmas lights. Traditions that the boys (and I must admit, their Mom even more) had been looking forward to with great excitement.

I think mom (me) was just ultra bummed that we (I) missed out on the fun and fellowship with friends and family. I don't get a chance to get out a whole lot and have adult interaction (sorry but talking to the cashier at the grocery store doesn't count). I was excited to be able to dress up in something other than sweatshirts and share in all the goodness that Christmas time brings.

I am thankful that we were all healthy enough to make it to the Christmas Eve service at Church. Oh what a blessing that was to my soul.  I am also very thankful that we were able to enjoy a nice day together as a family. We were able to focus on the birth of Jesus. We had some awesome conversations about his Birthday and what it means for us as God's children. 

We have a hope~in all things. BIG and small because of what took place 2000 Decembers ago. Thank you God for sending your one and only son, to change my life.

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