Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prayer Requests for a very dear friend and for our sweet little boy...

Our very dear friend lost his battle with ALS yesterday and is now dancing in Heaven!!  We rejoice with you Eric that your burden and suffering on this Earth has ended and you get to see Jesus face to face.

Please remember his family in your prayers, his wife Lori, and his two children Zach and Maddie as well as the rest of his family members and friends that will deeply miss him.  To read more about Eric and his family click here to read their blog. 

The second prayer request seems trivial today in comparison to what I just wrote but nonetheless our family would covet your prayers.  Wesley (6) goes in tomorrow to have 3 crowned teeth removed, another one pulled that became infected because they were done incorrectly and 1 new crown put on. He will be under anesthesia.  You can read more about how we got to this point here.  There are other posts as well that explain some of this ordeal I just don't have time to link them to this post right now. 

Specific requests:
*Dr Port and the rest of the hospital team that will be performing the surgery
*Wesley will be able to sleep good tonight and be calm tomorrow morning while waiting to go to the hospital.  That recovery will go well and for Wes to be able to deal with the pain after surgery.
*For Daddy and Mommy that our nerves will be calmed as we anticipate the surgery and then wait while it is performed.

Surgery details:
9:45 need to be to hospital
11:00 surgery to last 1 - 1 1/2 hours
Monitored recovery for an hour and then additional recovery for an hour after that.

I know this is not a 'big' deal to most, but to me this is one of my babies.  He has to endure this because the dentist who put the crowns in did it WRONG and now he has to suffer all of the ill effects this will cause.  We will have many, many more procedures to endure over time and Wes has developed a HUGE fear for the dentist.  Please pray that things tomorrow go smoothly so he can have a little bit of faith restored and we will not have to struggle every single time he will need to go to the dentist. 

Thank you for all of your prayers~we appreciate them!  I will update hopefully tomorrow night with how it all went.

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Sonshine said...

just stopping by to see if you had posted an update yet on Wes. :)

hope the surgery went well today!