Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank you for loving us!

Wes and Hunter getting ready for surgery.

Wesley having some pudding after waking up.

Wes at home after surgery enjoying dinner.  He was STARVING!!
He ate 2 bowls of mac-n-cheese, yogurt, pudding, a banana and applesauce!

First I need to say a huge thank you to every single one of you that prayed for our family and Wesley today. It was clearly evident that we were faithfully covered in prayer, our family appreciates YOU! 

Wes did incredible today.  He was so calm while we were waiting and going through all the paperwork and talking with the different nurses and Doctors.  He was amazing as they wheeled him away for surgery, there was absolutely NO fear.  The only time he cried was when they brought him back from recovery and that was because of the obvious...pain and stitches in his mouth but also due to the effects of  the anesthesia.

Please continue to think of us in the next several days as he recovers.  He has 4 pretty big holes in his little mouth and they had to do some extensive 'cleaning out' of the infection.  He really is doing great though and should bounce back pretty quickly.  In fact one of the harder things we had to deal with tonight was keeping him calm so he wouldn't bleed. 

This has been a very long road with a lot of bumps along the way.  I did not think that today would be any different, because not one thing has gone in our favor with this whole mess.  In fact, I was almost afraid to pray or even ask for people to pray because in my eyes all the other times I prayed nothing went according to 'the plan'. So, when exactly is it that I started assuming my plan was better than God's?  During the day today a line from a song by Steven Curtis Chapman kept running through my mind. "God is God and I am man, so I will never understand it all for only God is God."  That applies to so many areas of life, this journey is no exception!

God is God, His ways will always be higher than mine.  His ways will ALWAYS be better than mine.  Why do I doubt?  Why do I get so desperate to try to be in control of something and then when it doesn't go according to my plan just give up trusting?   How many different situations in life will it take to let go of doubting that God is in control of it all? 

Thank you Lord for being in control and not leaving the steering up to me.  Life is a journey of ups and downs and I know that when I try to take control it just ends up being a bigger mess than what it started out as. Thank you for showing me love and patience, especially when I do so often think I have to be in control.  You don't turn away and leave me driving out of control, you gently take the steering wheel and direct me where I need to go.  Sometimes it's the quickest route to the end, other times it is more of a scenic view!  Please help me learn to let go and enjoy the ride!  The blessing is far greater when you're in control.

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heidi said...

Good job Wes!! What a trooper. You look pretty cute in that blue hat :-)