Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just The Right Words

Answer To Prayer ~ Trace Balin

So many people
Will be down on their knees tonight

Seeking directions
For which road to choose
Or strength for the fight
And when they rise up
Trust in His word
Standin', believin'
Their prayer has been heard
Their eyes will open wide
For a sign they may see

Like a light in the darkness
A song in the night
Just the right words
At just the right time
Tomorrow, today
You may be someone's answer to prayer

The very moment
We are willing to say "here I am"
We step out of our happenstance world
Into His perfect plan
Where nothing's left
To chance or to whim
People to people
Is where it begins
To be His voice of hope
Or the touch of His hand

So when I'm out of touch
I'm missing twice as much
The blessings He has for me
That keep me true to His will
Always faithful and still
Somebody waits for me

Chosen to carry anytime, anywhere
A message from heaven the Lord has prepared
Tomorrow, today
You may be someone's answer to prayer

People to people is where it begins
Today, right now you are their answer

Because Love Never Fails
Sometimes The Answer Comes When You Let Go

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