Saturday, February 5, 2011


Have you ever been so unloved, uncared for? Have you ever tried so hard to be accepted, but you keep being shut out? Have you ever had a message sent that could not get any louder or be any more clear by someones words or actions?

I'm sure lots of people have and if you're anything at all like me it leaves you broken. Especially when you always thought they would.  It would just be this automatic thing...someday.....maybe???

God likes to make beautiful things out of B R O K E N pieces.

I have heard this song a hundred times, but today I actually HEARD it.

The light bulb inside my head went off and God spoke to me about a huge burden I have had for so long.  For certain person(s) I will never measure up to whatever standards they have set. It's quite clear I'm not accepted, not loved and uncared for. It's caused a hurt so deep inside of me sometimes it's all I can do to keep holding on to God and pursuing what I know is the right thing for me to do. (Which, by the way is to keep loving them.) I know that in the Lord's eyes I am a beautiful person whom he deeply, deeply loves. The standards I have to live up to are HIS standards, no one else matters. The world makes you feel as if you have to fit this perfect mold to be accepted. God says, come just as you are.  I have a HOPE. I have a PEACE. I have a FAITH that remains unshakable.

Jesus, you loved me enough to that I may live.

I am a child of the King and that makes me B E A U T I F U L.

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