Saturday, February 19, 2011

Whole Hand Day

Hard to believe that Jackson (better known as JJ) celebrated turning 5 today. I seem to say this all the time, but really where does the time go?  It was a pretty low-key day as we are having a little get-together later next week to celebrate Wesley and JJ's Birthday's together.  JJ wasn't feeling the greatest today but he tried to enjoy the fact that it was "whole hand day".  =)
I'm 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JJ doing his Star War pose with his new
Leapster Star Wars

This is how we ended the night, a lovely breathing treatment
to hopefully bring some relief.  Quite the sad face!!

Sad attempt at JJ's cake, of course when you have a 20-month
old hanging on your leg and 4 other boys wanting to 'help' I
guess that is what happens. (The green blob is supposed
to be a soccer ball getting kicked into the net, the green 'S' is
for State). And now you see why I will never work in a bakery!!

How To Train A Dragon awesome $1.00
clearance find at Wal Mart.  After JJ opened it Caleb wanted
to try it on....too bad the opening of the shirt wouldn't fit
over Caleb's HUGE head!!

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