Sunday, February 13, 2011


Part of Wesley and JJ's Birthday present was to go see the Monster Trucks. Lots of fun!!

Caleb made it through the first half, then the very tired
and very cranky baby just couldn't handle it anymore.
So out we went to sit in the van while the boys watched
almost all of the second half.

What better way to end the weekend with God painting the sky so beautiful!!

The snow is melting!!! I got to run two days in a row outside. Today included a 6 mile run on almost snow and ice free pavement. It was glorious. =)  I am ready for Spring!!!  The boys had tons of fun playing outside yesterday. While they are anxious for Spring too I don't think they are quite ready to say goodbye to Winter completely. They had fun working on their snow fort and snowmobiling with Dad.

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