Thursday, March 3, 2011

In The Middle

Today I had an interesting day. I got to talk on the phone with a friend for almost two hours, uninterrupted. That is a priceless thing to a busy mom of 5 kiddos.  I simply do not get to ever have a phone conversation without some sort of interruption or detail that I need to handle~ever.

It was a conversation completely driven by God, led by God, focused on God. We both are struggling with some pretty big things. While they are different, we found in common that God is using this to show himself in ways we would have missed seeing otherwise.

The other spectacular thing to arise out of this is I have a friend who is going to be diligently praying for me and me for her...and we will hold each other accountable to check in with one another every week to see how things are going. We both discussed how hard it is to tell someone something, have that person tell you they're praying and then never have any follow through. I need to hold myself accountable to her and to God to connect every week with her. It is so easy to tell someone you'll be praying, but to actually keep connected with people you tell that to is a difficult task at times.

I am so thankful that God blocked out that time today and  for a Godly friend who wants to be in the middle of it all with me. My spirits were refreshed.

Thank you Lord that you are in constant pursuit of me, even when I fail to see it. Thank you for allowing me the grace I don't deserve each and every day to grow in you. I am blessed.

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