Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some Days...

Life is not always a big bunch of roses. Sometimes it is just so hard. Sometimes life really, really hurts. Sometimes the people you thought really cared, really don't.  Sometimes I just want to go hide in my closet and cry so hard that there are just no tears left.  You know, that cleansing type of cry. Get. It. All. Out.

I am stuck in a place right now that I've been struggling with for weeks. I know God is here~working~but yet I find myself hearing the devil's lies over and over.

On my own...
I am weak, yet God is strong.
I am without hope, God is FULL of hope.
I am restless, God is peace.
I am friendless, God is my friend.
I am foolish, God is wise.
I am unimportant, God wants to use me for His glory.
I have no purpose, God has a plan.

To Be Continued...

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