Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today when I was mowing the yard I had to go empty the grass in the field behind our house. This is also the place in the Fall, when we are trimming plants and cleaning out the garden that the 'stuff' all gets dumped.  Today I noticed mixed in with the weeds were several plants growing that must have sprouted from the seeds of all the junk I dumped back there last Fall.

Funny how I just threw all the stuff there and never, ever gave it another thought until today. Why would I, they're dead right?  I've done nothing to cultivate those plants and they have only been watered by God's rain. Yet, there they were growing as strong as ever, some even getting blossoms on them and will probably produce flowers or vegetables.

I had to smile and think how God uses us to plant seeds in people's lives. We 'scatter' seeds by the things we do for one another, by the things we say to one another, by displaying the love of Christ each and every day. The seed you sow into another human heart may change their life. God may take that seed and then use it in a way you will never even be aware of.

It is my heartfelt prayer that the seeds I scatter will have an impact on those around me and God will use me to change the world for Him. 

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Kristen Hage said...

You've deffinatly sewed seeds in my life:-)
I thank the Lord often for leading me to that house! It was a "mistake" but in the end nothing is right? It was all a part of His plan. I thank God for you :-)
Miss you and the family a ton!! Can't wait to get together soon.