Monday, March 8, 2010

Why I need coffee...

"Well, you are JUST a stay at home Mom".  I think that has got to be one of the best comments I've heard recently.  And yes, while that is true I do not hold a position of employment outside of the home I decided to keep track for one day of what went on in our house. I needed to see for myself (even though I already knew the answer) that I am NOT just a stay at home Mom. 

With as big of a family as we have no day around here is really 'typical'.  So, this is just a snapshot of what happened today....tomorrow will be a whole new day!  After seeing all that went on today you will know why I need coffee!!!

1:30am~nurse Caleb
5:40am~nurse Caleb; devotions/prayer time
6:15am~out of bed...make sure boys are getting ready for school
6:35am~make 3 lunches & get water bottles ready
6:44am~put dishes away in sink & dishwasher
6:55am~get ready to head to bus stop w/boys
7:07am~get JJ breakfast
7:11am~make COFFEE
7:13am~clean out fridge in anticipation of grocery shopping
7:17am~breakfast for myself
7:25am~misc kitchen stuff...organize pantry for groceries
7:40am~sweep & pick up back hallway
7:50am~physical therapy exercises
8:05am~change/dress Caleb
8:15am~shower/get ready
8:45am~nurse Caleb
9:05am~quick pick up living room w/JJ
9:10am~make bed
9:13am~file coupons to use for groceries today & double check ads
9:26am~head out the door
11:45am~home from 2 grocery stores
11:55am~cold stuff unloaded and put away
12:00pm~lunch for JJ, short nursing session for Caleb
12:10pm~lunch for Caleb and me...cleanup lunch mess
12:30pm~put away the rest of the groceries, including bringing up items from downstairs needed to restock pantry; change/snuggle Caleb then put him down for a nap
1:00pm~clean off counters and put out new toaster
1:20pm~play game w/JJ
1:40pm~phone call for the 3rd time to a company concerning a recalled product they are supposed to be taking care of for me.  Have miserable customer service...hang up feeling frustrated.
1:50pm~general picking up/organizing and more laundry
2:45pm~wake Caleb up from his nap to nurse before heading out for Wesley's Dr's appointment
3:00pm~boys home from school, quickly go through backpacks...grab homework to take along
3:15pm~load up 5 kiddos and head out for the Dr's
4:30pm~home from Dr's and onto homework
4:45pm~short nursing session for Caleb
5:00-5:15pm~phone calls
5:40pm~start eating dinner w/the boys...Chad's running late
6:10pm~clean up
6:45pm~change Caleb &make him a bottle
7:00pm~put Caleb to bed
7:30pm~snack for the boys, pj's, teeth brushing, story and then bedtime
8:00pm~I'm ready to relax!!!!!!!!!!!!

During the day we had lessons in counting, buying something that we need vs. not buying something just because we want it.  We had lessons in taking turns, and cleaning up.  I got to kiss boo boo's, watch my baby get up on all fours and rock back and forth getting mad because he couldn't figure out how to get going.  I got to hear Jackson's silly tall tales of being a pirate.  When the big boys got home from school I got to be a teacher, helping them with their homework and looking over assignments brought home. Most days here are crazy & hectic, but I wouldn't trade staying home for a million dollars.

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