Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Madness...

So I am on the phone with Wesley's teacher after school about a problem we're having with him and the bathroom.  We are discussing how to tackle the issue when JJ starts bawling because he didn't get to go down to the corner to pick up the boys from the bus.  Ethan is bawling, running down the street because Lucas didn't get off the bus (too busy talking to his friend and got off at the next stop, ran home laughing at himself).  Wesley is sobbing because he had an accident (for the 3rd time this school-year) and knows mommy is not going to be very happy with him.

Now the counters are covered with papers, water bottles and shoes...yes dirty shoes with a hundred knots in the laces. Tears have been dealt with (until I start trying to untie the knotted shoes), discussions about the day have taken place.  Homework has been started, trumpet is being practiced, baby is napping and all is right in the house for the next 30 seconds.

Stay tuned to see if I make it through the rest of the day with a small percentage of my sanity still intact! 

****  8:30pm ****
I made it!!!  Survived a crazy I have any sanity left who knows?!  Just so you can all get a good look at how messy my house is most days I put a picture of what my counters look like when the boys get home from school. If you look close you can see the shoes that are on my counter~GROSS!!!

Now here is the counter after I got done organizing and cleaning:

Wow...what a difference a little organization makes! Too bad the rest of the house doesn't look this nice! 

Caleb has all the sudden really figured out he can go places, and oh the places he went today.  Amazing how I have forgotten the whole 'I can now get from point A to point B phase' even though he is our 5th.  It has been awhile though since JJ was this age.  We are all having lots of fun with his new adventures...and I thought I was busy before!!

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