Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Beautiful History

Oh God, how did you know that today when I walked out of the Doctors office this morning, turned on the van that this song needed to be playing on the radio? Funny that I'm asking you, the Lord of the universe how you knew the time I would flip on the radio...the song that needed to be playing and just somehow managed to line it up that way.  Coincidence???  Not in a million years!!

Thank you Lord for speaking to me through music~it can reach to the depths of my soul.   I praise you God for speaking to me right when and where I need to hear from you.  Thank you for looking at my life as a beautiful history, because I don't always see it that way. You see the big picture when I can only see a page at a time. Some pages are full of joy, blessing, growth, and a time spent enjoying the harvest.  Other times those pages are filled with hurt, heartache, questions, sadness, times spent in the desert.  As you continue to write my story God, whatever your plans hold for my life I want it to be a beautiful history written for you.

A Beautiful History~Plumb

I have made mistakes

And I have been afraid
I have felt alone
Then you called my name
Things were crashing loudly
Happening all around me
But your still small voice
Was all that I could hear

“I am here
I’m holding you
You’ll make it through this
I am here
I am here”

Whenever you run away
Whenever you lose your faith
It’s just another stroke of
The pen on the page
A lonely ray of hope
Is all that you'll need
To see
A beautiful history

I've been such a fool
When I've known the truth
I've wasted so much time
Doing what I want to do

I've been living solely
For myself and myself only
But your still small voice is whispering

I toss and turn and scream
I try to do everything
With two feet on the ground
I just keep falling down again
I feel so far from home
Completely all alone
And then I hear you say

I am here, I am here...

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