Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sight or Hearing?

When I was getting ready today listening to my favorite radio station the thought came into my mind that if I was ever faced with a choice of giving up my sight or my hearing which would I choose?

I have been thinking all day what I would pick. Gosh I would miss so much if I couldn't see. The beauty of God's creation all around me. The ability to hit the open road for a run.  Watching my children growing, changing right before my eyes. Writing notes, emailing friends & family, driving to the store.  Little things I do every single day that I know I would desperately miss doing if I no longer had my vision.

However, as hard as it would be to miss seeing in the world around me I would not choose to keep my sight. I would give it away and make the choice to keep my hearing.  The laughter of my children is too precious to miss.  Human conversation is 'felt' through hearing...emotion is not conveyed as easily through email as it is in actually hearing someone speak.  I would miss the beautiful birds singing in the early morning, and the soft sounds of raindrops or snow falling.

The biggest thing I would miss though is music.  Oh how I LOVE music. I worship through music. Many times I feel my life is being expressed through a certain song(s).  It can lift my soul out of the darkest pit. Music makes me think about things much, much bigger than I am.  It helps to give my life perspective outside of what the world says my life should be about. Like so many things in life that are precious, music is a gift.

I definitely know that I take both hearing and seeing for granted every single day.  I have it, so I don't even think to tell God thank you.  How many wonderful things have I been given, just the way that I am created that I don't even stop to think a single second about.  Today I am thanking God for the senses He has given to me~and I'm in awe of how I get to use them to live and experience life. I think I'm going to go open the window now and just listen to the gentle sound of the rain...

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